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Capoeira School in West London

Children Tabernacle class

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Group 1: 4.15-5.15pm (4-6yrs)
Group 2: 5.20-6.20pm (7 & up)

Course/class Wks Fee Grp Qty
Autumn term part 113 September - 18 October 6 £30.00
Autumn full term13 September - 13 December 13 £65.00
Autumn term part 201 November - 13 December 7 £35.00
Spring Term part 110 January - 14 Feburary 6 £30.00
Spring Term part 228 February - 4 April 6 £30.00
Spring Term Full10 January - 04 April 12 £60.00
Drop-inAny time 0 £7.00

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Capoeira is a compulsory discipline in many Brazilian schools, developing students intellectually as well as physically.

Children enjoy the energy of the form and the joy of learning to play Capoeira. Because of the game's unique blend of activities, children usually find a particular aspect of the class to shine in. Parents also see how the game provides a great opportunity for exercise and discipline in a lively environment.

Beginners learn basic footwork, evasive techniques, elementary acrobatics and traditional music. No prior experience is needed. Wear loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and a T-shirt.

Regulars work towards developing skills learnt into a fluent game, and practice more advanced movements and music.